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UAL BLOG 5 (July 2024) – Fuelled up & kitted out for summer fun

Stella here! UAL “office mascot” collie.
Vicki’s so busy with the schools breaking up, so I thought I’d show willing and step up. I’m usually sitting with my head on her lap as she types, so I reckon I’m halfway to being in charge anyway!
Holidays are always a busy time, with lots of FUN kits (rather than school uniforms) being chosen for sports, adventures, holiday clubs, Brownies, Guides, gymnastics, dance groups, five a side- all fantastic ways to have fun and make friends in the holidays.

UAL BLOG 4 (June 2024) – Football Season

Cheer up, everyone, there’s plenty of action on the horizon. Our seats were booked on the sofa for the Champion’s League final Saturday 1st, then it’s Euro Fever 14 June – 14 July- and we’re favourites (apparently)?! Although Stella, our Mad Dog extraordinaire, says watch out for France; and there’s not much she doesn’t know about tackling!


UAL BLOG 3 (April 2024) – No stress!

Confession time: It took me three days to start this blog; not because it’s a chore, it’s one of the most enjoyable parts of my job; I just had to battle past 100 things shouting for attention in my head.

We also supply a huge variety of: Workwear, tunics and tabards. Care wear and PPE, Hi-vis, safety and protective wear, Chef, catering and kitchenwear, Beauty, spa and hairdressing, Sportswear and Footwear, Polo shirts, promotional and personalised clothing.

UAL BLOG 2- All Change Ahead!

Does spring inspire you to deep clean the house, or is that a step too far? Just as the sunshine highlights dusty windows, we’ve realised it’s time our website gets a good wash too (even behind the ears!)

So, we’ll be refreshing it over the next few weeks, to give our great clothing ranges the spotlight they deserve.

stella the dog

Welcome to our new blog!

We are making changes to our website to make it easier for our lovely visitors to find their way around, navigate to exactly the products and information you want and we’ll be adding new pages and new products regularly. Call it our new years’ resolution for 2024!